Do you still give this „Great – everything is awesome!“ response, lately… or are you maybe realizing you are feeling highly stressed, exhausted or rather overwhelmed?

Susan A. David recently gave a short interview for Harvard Business Review on the corona crisis induced stress and fatigue a lot of people are feeling and on the essential question, how to handle this.

„Only dead people never get stressed, disappointed or never have uncomfortable feelings…
Tough emotions are our contract with life.“

She advises to practice Emotional Agility asking yourself „what difficult emotions are trying to tell you“ and go into them by following a few simple steps:

  1. forget the idea of relentless positivity
  2. face reality with „gentle acceptance“
  3. let go of what you can’t control
  4. control how you respond
  5. reflect the „sign posts“ in your emotions 

While these steps sound so easy, like for most competency descriptions, practicing them is key and rather challenging! Watch her helpful explaination in this short video (7 mins.)


Dieser Beitrag von Jan A. Poczynek ist erstmals im Mai 2020 auf LinkedIn erschienen.

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